American Society of Acupuncturists 

The Acupuncture Society of Virginia is proud to announce its membership in the American Society of Acupuncturists, a non-profit organization that represents state association members and licensed professionals who practice acupuncture in all its forms. Formerly known as the Council of State Associations (CSA), the ASA will bring a voice to acupuncturists across the country and provide public education, legislative and advocacy support, and many benefits to state associations and individual practitioners. As a member of the ASA, ASVA now has a voice in national as well as state matters regarding the profession of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

ASVA's ASA Representatives work diligently to represent ASVA in the ASA. In doing so, they has forged bonds with other state association members who have happily assisted us in local matters such as dry needling regulations. By creating an alliance of state associations, the ASA is unifying our profession so that we may one day have a strong, empowered voice to bring about change. 

ASVA would like to keep our members, sponsors, and supporters up-to-date on all issues currently being tackled by the ASA. Please check our dedicated ASA News page for updates on all pressing issues. 


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