Latest Clean Needle Technique Guidelines for Acupuncturists

Clean Needle Technique Manual
  • The 7th Edition of the Clean Needle Technique Manual was released by the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM) earlier this year. Please note that as of September of 2015 all CNT courses will be based on this new edition. The new manual is available for download through the CCAOM website. ASVA strongly encourages all students and practitioners to download and read the new manual as it is highly detailed and full of new research that will help to protect you and your patients from the spread of infectious disease. 

CCAOM Position Paper on Skin Preparation  Prior to Acupuncture Needle Insertion 

  • CCAOM Position Paper which supports the position that skin should be cleaned prior to acupuncture needle insertion, but that the cleaning of skin with an antiseptic is not necessarily essential to prevent infections.

CCAOM Position Paper on Glove Use during the Practice of Acupuncture

  • CCAOM Position Paper which determines that glove use is not needed for routine acupuncture insertion and removal, but necessary and required for procedures involving exposure to bodily fluids like needling non-intact skin or when wet cupping. 


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