Cover Acupuncture Campaign 

Acupuncture is swiftly becoming recognized as a valid, safe, and effective medical modality that can address a wide range of aliments and conditions. As a result, more and more health insurance companies are offering acupuncture benefits to their policyholders. This development is an amazing opportunity for practitioners and patients as it allows more people to access acupuncture in a way that is affordable and convenient for them. Times are changing! However, there are still hundreds of thousands of people in this country who do not have acupuncture coverage despite the fact that they have health insurance.

It is important to remember that health insurance is a business and individual policyholders the consumer. Consumers can demand better products, better coverage, and greater benefits. If a patient or potential patient desires acupuncture coverage, tell them to demand it of both the insurance company and the employer who offers the company's policies. The more consumers cry out for acupuncture coverage, the less insurance companies and employers can ignore it. 

Below is a link to two letters. The first is a letter addressed to the Membership Relations department. It can be sent by any policyholder to their respective healthcare insurance company requesting the addition of acupuncture benefits to an insurance policy. The second is a letter addressed to the Human Resources department. It can be sent by any employee to their respective employer requesting the addition of acupuncture benefits to corporate-sponsored insurance plans. 

These letters can be download and individualized for free by any member of the general public. As part of our Cover Acupuncture Campaign, ASVA encourages all Virginia acupuncturists to provide these letters to their patients so that they can take the initiative to make changes within their own insurance policies. 


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